Leave the marketing and operation to us
while you focus on enhancing your games.

What do we offer?


Maximize the monetization power of your games.

  • Distribute your game to popular
    platforms from Japan and China

  • Expose your games to 100M+
    players with high ARPU

  • Provide you with advices on
    how to adjust your game to suit local laws


Promote your game at NO COST!

  • Expose your games through our
    intelligent cross-sell banners to
    over 40M+ impressions a day

  • Publish articles about your games
    in blogs and communities

  • Promote your games in dominant
    spots on the platforms


Optimize your game for Asia players.

  • Translate your game text by our
    in-house Asian professionals

  • Adjust game content and graphics
    to match Asian flavours

  • Organize events for your games
    based on Asian festivals

Customer Service

Never leave your players alone.

  • Consolidate enquiries into mini
    digestable reports

  • Negotiate with platforms on your behalf

  • Handle questions from your players

wizQ API

Integrate once, Run anywhere.

  • Skip the trouble of reading development guides in Asian lanugages.
  • Save enormous technical integration time and effort.
  • Publish your games on multiple platforms in a flash.

So what are you waiting for?